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Floor Restorations

Floor Restorations

Simon’s Floor Sanding Sydney are experts in floor restorations There comes a time in every wood floor’s life when a simple cleaning will no longer give the floor the life it deserves. Your wood floor begins to detract from the overall feel of the room.

When this happens, you may think you need to replace your entire floor, which is costly. Luckily, companies like Simon’s Floor Sanding Sydney will assess the damage. In all likelihood, they recommend restoring your wood floor to bring it back to its original glory. Bring back the shine and improve the look of your room without breaking the budget.

The following is a brief overview of our wood floor restoration process.

Step 1: Assess Your Floor

The first thing is to assess your floor and determine if you are dealing with light scratches and normal wear and tear. We can remove the stains, paint, etc, with an approved floor cleaner if no repairs are needed.

Step 2: Clean The Wood Floor

Our team will happily sweep and ensure no debris on the floor. Leaving granules of sand can cause scratches and other issues during the buffing process.

Step 3: Buff

During this step, a buffer will light scuff-sand your floors. This will remove a light layer from the floor’s original finish reflooring it for restoration.

Step 4: Vacuum

After screening or buffing, the floor will have a dull look and quite possibly a lot of dust. Using a soft attachment on our dust containment system, we will suck up all the debris, dust and dirt. It is essential to ensure the floor is spotless before applying the finish.

Step 5: Seal The Floor

Sealing the floor is always required. However, if your floors don’t appear to be soaking up the stain evenly, it will be wise to apply a sealant. It never hurts to seal the floor does create a nice, even look, and it also protects your wooden floor

6: Finishing Touches

It is time to apply the stain or oil previously used on your wooden floor. Our Sydney floor sanding team will always involve a couple of thin coats, which is better than using one thick coat of stain.

This is a brief overview of the entire restoration process. Of course, there could be some deviations from this general plan or some enhancements, but this is typically the process for all wood floor restoration jobs.

Experience in Working for a Range of Clients

Simon’s Floor Sanding Sydney is the unrivalled champion when it comes to timber floor restoration projects in Sydney. With our unmatched expertise and unwavering dedication, we have transformed countless timber floors into stunning works of art. From residential properties to commercial spaces, we have worked on various projects, with many satisfied customers in our books.

Whether your timber floor suffers from years of wear and tear or needs a fresh look, Simon’s Floor Sanding Sydney has you covered.  We possess an extensive range of techniques and equipment that allow them to tackle any challenge with finesse and precision.

What sets Simon’s Floor Sanding Sydney apart from the competition is our  deep understanding of the intricacies involved in timber floor restoration. We take the time to assess each project individually, tailoring their approach to ensure optimal results. Every knot and grain is meticulously handled, revealing the true beauty hidden within each piece of wood.

We Only Use The Finest Materials 

Our unwavering to using only premium materials is a key aspect that sets us apart. When it comes to restoring timber floors, we understand the importance of using high-quality products that can withstand the test of time. By utilising premium materials, we ensure that our clients receive exceptional results that enhance the appearance of their floors and provide long-lasting durability. Whether it’s sanding, polishing, or refinishing, you can trust our team to deliver outstanding craftsmanship using the finest materials available in the industry.

So, Contact us now if you have further questions about our floor restoration service in Sydney!